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Why do influencers create their own Merch?

Authenticity is the number one reason that your followers watch and support your channel. As an influencer, there is nothing more authentic than selling and promoting your very own custom merchandise. By doing this, not only are you profiting off of your brand while growing it, but you’re also further expanding your online identity. Your merchandise expresses your style, your humor, your message, and everything else that makes your channel unique. In times where the competition to become a top-of-the-line influencer is at an all-time high, authenticity has never been more important.

Firstly, it’s important to understand that the things that you say and ask are going to have a direct impact on your audience. According to a recent study, average consumers say that they trust less than 1 in 3 brands, while a staggering 92% say that they will take the word of an influencer over traditional advertisements and endorsements. This places a lot of responsibility on your shoulders because, statistically speaking, your followers are going to form opinions and make decisions based on what you have to say about the merch you promote. The larger and more loyal your audience is, the more of an impact your social platform is going to have within the online community.

So, why are more and more influencers creating and selling their own merchandise? Well, here’s the thing: Influencer Marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. In fact, it’s only getting bigger and better. The difference between those who succeed as an influence marketer versus those who get it wrong lies almost entirely within your authenticity. 2019 is a time of progression and people are becoming more aware of the schemes and sell-outs that plague modern social platforms. Originality and genuine endorsements are what separate the scammers from the real deal. Promoting your own branded products and giving an authentic opinion is going to have a much larger appeal to your audience.

Another reason for the growing popularity of pushing custom merch is that with helpful platforms like Moteefe, influencers are able to get to work right away creating their own merchandising operation. Even if you have little-to-no experience as an influencer or with e-commerce in general, getting started has never been easier. Nowadays, you can literally launch your store over a cup of coffee. Modern Print-On-Demand platforms eliminate the hassle of processing orders so that you’re able to stay focused on fulfilling your role as the marketer. With this method, regardless of experience, influencers have the opportunity to quickly and efficiently launch a successful merch store.

Your audience wants to see you and your brand prosper, so your direct communication with your followers will have its own influence on the amount of support you receive. When you explain that purchasing your merch is going to help support your channel, your audience is going to feel much more obligated to help you out. The key in this is to promote a line of merchandise that they actually want to purchase.

The era of promoting your own merchandise is quickly outgrowing that of promoting someone else’s. While you can still profit to a degree by endorsing products from a separate brand, this doesn’t come across as very credible, least of all authentic. Why? Well, because it’s not your brand that you’re promoting. If you have someone telling you exactly what to say about their own merch, you lose that validation of genuine opinion, and your audience knows it. If you plan on truly succeeding as an influencer, you need to acquire trust and loyalty from your supporters by delivering real, authentic promotion toward your branded merchandise.

Aside from credibility, authenticity will dramatically generate more revenue from selling your merch. Here’s a great example: Logan Paul is arguably one of the most popular YouTubers in the world, with nearly 20 million subscribers and counting. Loyal fans know that he is constantly promoting his “Maverick” gear in not only his videos but on his website as well. Because of this, he’s managed to accumulate an estimated net worth of over $12.5 million, most of which is generated directly from loyal fans purchasing his merchandise.

So, just to recap, here are the highlight benefits of creating and promoting your own merchandise and why you should do it.

  • 1) Build your brand
  • 2) Engage your audience
  • 3) Increase and diversify your income

The only setback is that if you’re still a beginner, you might not know exactly where to start. Luckily, with Moteefe, launching a campaign is made easy. Moteefe is a Print-On-Demand platform that specializes in helping users easily create their own merchandise and merch stores. Moteefe eliminates all of the hard work by allowing you to get straight to printing your design onto your preferred line of merchandise and quickly start earning money by promoting your brand. The best part is that launching your store can be done in less than 15 minutes. So, what are you waiting for? Get your merch store up and running today!

By offering your own merch, you are providing your followers the opportunity to show their loyalty and support by purchasing a unique, high-quality product that represents your brand. When it comes to deciding to create and promote your own merchandise, it isn’t a question of whether or not you should. It’s a question of why you haven’t already.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your merch store up and running today! Launch your 1st campaign now!

Beauty unparalleled…

Emerged from the soft Sunshine, a damsel on the sea shore

Shadows of her deep blue eyes, stunned my every pore

Long dark lashes with black Curly hair

Mystical, magical

I saw a Beauty UNPARALLELED.

Driven me so crazy, uff that fetching gaze

Bemusing her smile, enslaved me

Sliding from her lips, drops of tempting wave

Terrible, mythical

I saw a Beauty UNPARALLELED.

Enchanting in unison, the song saccharin

I carried a torch for her, irresistible her face pristine

Gesturing from her blinking eyes

Palpable, incredible

I saw a Beauty UNPARALLELED.

Walking in a pensive mood, she crossed

Unnoticed, I was left wilted and tossed

All my emotions shattered and shred

Smitten by her beauty

I will pass through her alley, for she is so

Perpetual, implacable

I will meet the beauty UNPARALLELED…

Shaperz stencils:

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Don’t be frustrated by uneven and messy eye makeup anymore.
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The Theory of a second

‘Never cut a tree down in the wintertime. Never make a negative decision in the low time. Never make your most important decisions when you are in your worst moods, Wait. Be patient. The storm will pass. The spring will come.’ Robert H. Sjchuller.

A second makes a year, and in fact, it makes a lifetime! When you calculate every second of our lives, add that to decisions we make in split seconds, and there, that’s our lives all tidied up and going in seconds. That’s all it takes to cross over to the New Year, just one second. And that got me thinking about decisions and the much-celebrated New Year’s resolutions.

We all have to make choices in life, and when doing that, that’s when the seconds ticked by. From the second we decide whom to marry, to the second we choose our careers to when we define our life goals, the seconds are counting.

We can make the seconds of our lives count by weighing up our options, and in the case of the young Saudi Arabian woman who renounced Islam and barricaded herself in a hotel in Thailand, she must have decided to run away within seconds. That decision will now change her life.

Thankfully, the UN has approved her refugee status, and Australia is keen to allow, and process Rahaf Mohammed al-Qunun’s asylum application. This brave young woman made a decision that ultimately changed her life.

So whatever you do this year, make the seconds count!

The importance of our morning routine.

Many influencers talk about the fact that what we do in the morning is setting up our mood for the day. Our morning thoughts, our phones and our plans for the upcoming day are important factors that can create a predisposition towards a good mood or towards a bad mood.

Our morning thoughts can be a great source of energy or a great source of draining that energy. If we tell ourselves 5 times in half an hour how tired we are or how sleepy we are, guess how we will be? Our body is listening to us. If we tell ourselves how much we hate the job we have to go to, do you think we would go to work happy? Of course, we don’t need to like that job so if it’s a problem with it, a change it might be needed in order for us to go to work with joy. Basically, if we start our day in a negative mindset, that will be the filter will use to see the upcoming events in case nothing good arrives (which will have a diminished influence due to the negative mindset).

Simon Sinek, Mel Robbins and others suggest we should keep our phones out of the bedrooms and that we should use an alarm clock to wake up. The idea behind this is that we need some moments for us to be alone with our thoughts before we reconnect with the rest of the world. Don’t panic, they don’t talk about a long time. We can “sacrifice” 10 lousy minutes to just sit and contemplate about anything and everything, can’t we?

It is also recommended for us to spend a few minutes to make a plan for the upcoming day so we can have some clarity in what we need to do. It is easier compared to wondering around doing what is decided for us to do by external factors. Whilst a plan is required, we need to keep ourselves flexible too just in case something appears.

Practicing gratitude is a great way for us to start our day, along with meditation and some exercise. Oh, and also we need to have a great breakfast (which I ignore daily) because it can be a great energy booster. We kinda need food to survive and since it’s one of our basic needs, everything else we do from is based on this.

What do you do in the first hour of each day?

You don’t need to know.

You don’t need to know

What I think of you

Being with you is so much fun

And you are the one out of few.

Revealing in your chatter

You serve happiness on a platter

Emanating your wisdom, you make me feel so easy

O it’s platonic! however you are crazy.

It’s the essence

Dear, let me tell your presence

do me the wonder

So, that I can catch up with thunder.

There is no reason

There is no scale,

to measure how deep it is.

But, you stay in every season

Holding all those charming flowers, unlike it’s a fairy tale.

Let me hear those whispers

Coming from all those new worlds

freeing from my scars

You put me on the stars.

You don’t need to know

What I really think of you

You don’t need to know

What you always make me see

You don’t need to know

Perhaps, it is destiny.


The feathers of my wings are fallen by dust

And I’m lying over like a broken bird

My heart is torn into pieces
But I’m calm

No one cares for what I wishes
But I’m calm

I’m calm for this greedy world
Who hunted me for its pleasures

I’m calm to those insane eyes
Who Haunted me for their measures

I’m calm to that holy God
Who gave me this broken life

Though my soul is wounded from deep woes
But calmly I crave for power to smile

I’m calm
For each of my feather will now fly
Separated from me but still a part of mine
It will now reach to height of heaven
I’m calm
For it’ll be free from all its strife.